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Ifollow the Year of Nature, the circle of Life, in my garden, in the surrounding wild Nature and with the holidays of the year. There is always something to do in my garden from early spring to late autumn, there´s even a little bit of work after the trees and the plants have fallen asleep. I work in close connection to the Nature spirits. I also do different crafts as I love working with my hands, for example; I bring drums to life and knit magic.

My Healing garden has rooms – The Rosegarden, The Firegarden, The Mysterygarden, The Moonlightgarden and so forth - they are all different in their energies, healing and teachings. At times I get a lot of help with my garden from friendly people, and in return they get teachings.

My travels are also of this world, not just shamanic journeys, and they include going to the Swedish mountains for instance in Härjedalen and Lappland, going to the ocean or abroad. I have done shamanic work in Japan, Wales, Iceland, Greenland, Malta... I go to Powerplaces or to places that need healing.
I also visit special places that are connected to my life as a shaman. It might be places with runes or places which holds the life of ancient tales. For example I have visited Wales, Ireland, Norway and different places in Sweden for this purpose.

I call a sacred journey to a special place Valfärd (a journey of a Vala/Völva/Shaman) and sometimes I bring people along...

In my house I have a special ceremony room, which I fill with things that have importance for my rituals and also for my dancing - I spend time with shamanic dancing, medieval dancing and oriental dancing as well. There is also a big space for Ceremonies and rooms for Creating and Meeting.

All around the year I heal people, hold different courses and hold ceremonies and many other things. I live my life as a shaman and there is always amazing things needed to be done…

Next course:

7 november 2020

The starting point! Are you ready to begin your Shamanic Experience?

This is a shamanic course for beginners. We will talk about the history of shamanism, the geography of the spirit realm and how a shaman work. We will journey for power animals, an advicer, travel inwards and other basic journeys. You will learn how to ask questions and what is possible to achieve and what is dangerous to do. We will go out in Nature and talk to Trees and start using a Powersong. After this course you can continue to work at home with the needed knowhow. If you have done some of this things before we will continue straight into the next level course.

Place: Läkegården, Rättvik

Cost: 1000skr

If interested, ask for more info: lakegarden@gmail.com

Tekla Drakfrändes Courses

Short courses(1-2 days)

  • Basic course in shamanism
  • Stage 2 in shamanism
  • To build and use a rattle
  • Shamanic healing
  • Three courses in drumming
  • Shamanic staff
  • Shamanic singing (powersongs)
  • Personal and environmental cleansing
  • The Medicine Wheel
  • Working with and learning from animals
  • Shapeshifting
  • Shamanic dancing

Long courses

  • Building and Working with a Shamandrum
  • In Nature's Rhythm
  • Ceremony to heal wounded warriors
  • The way of the shields

CD's for sale

There are CD's for sale in English:

  • Ghostdancing
  • Summerwalk
  • Autumnwalk
  • Winterwalk
  • You are Nature
  • Walking with Ghosts